Monitoring as a Service.




Groots has capability to build complete monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure. It covers all your monitoring in a single console. Whether you are running any organization we will build an infrastructure monitoring solution for you to identify, resolve and prevent problem before they affect critical business.


Server Monitoring

Monitor your Linux, Window, FreeBSD, OS X, VMware, AWS, Docker, and other cloud hosted servers and application to ensure optimal performance.

Key Features:
  • Linux server monitoring
  • Database server monitoring
  • Mail server monitoring
  • CRM server monitoring
  • Helpdesk/Ticketing monitoring
  • Document server monitoring
  • Window server monitoring
  • Active Directory monitoring
  • Virtual server monitoring
  • AWS cloud monitoring

Web Server Monitoring

Monitoring solution provides in-depth availability and performance of any web server application. Get deep insights on the uptime and performance of web application and internet services. Ensure web team gain visibility into critical website performance metrics through powerful dashboard and alerts, enabling them to take instant decision.

Key Features:
  • Website monitoring
  • Website availability monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • DNS server monitoring
  • SSL certificate monitoring

Network Monitoring

Comprehensively monitor critical network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, wireless, load balancers, printers, ups & storage. Assist network teams in getting deep performance visibility required to manage complex networks

Key Features:
  • Network monitoring
  • Switch monitoring
  • Router monitoring
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Firewall monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

Monitoring solution pro-actively monitors details like health of processors, failure of any physical or logical drive, cooling unit/fans, and current voltage etc.

Key Features:
  • CPU fan speed
  • Temperature
  • Disk and array
  • Memory
  • Processor


Comprehensive Dashboard

Powerful compatibility to monitor host, operating system, applications, services, network protocol, system metrics with a single tool.

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Fast detection of infrastructure outage, complex visibility & centralize view of entire monitored IT infrastructure. Detailed status information of server available through web interface.

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Instant Alerting

Get SMS and Email notification, status page updating base on polling frequency. We supports the following types of alerting mechanism whenever your server goes down : 1. Email Alerts2. SMS Alerts 3. Push notification on monitoring web dashboard.

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Availability reports ensure SLAs are being met Historical reports provide record of alerts, notification, outage and alert response

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Flexible DeploymentArchitecture Option

Groots can be deployed either on-premises or as SaaS.
Monitor any application.
Support public or private cloud infrastructure or multi-cloud applications.

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Quick time-to-value, Customization & Enterprise security

Easy installation, configuration and administration and management.
Remote host plugin code is customizable, we develop plugin base on organization setup.

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Proactive Planning

Schedule downtime allows for alert during infrastructure upgrade.
Groots Support 24x7, Support via Email, Phone.

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